Film plotter cutting machine

Our film plotter cutting machine is an innovative tool that allows you to create any protective film for mobile phones and other digital devices in just a few minutes. More compact than a printer and equipped with an integrated touch screen, our plotter cutting machine has an extensive digital archive of brands and models, constantly updated through its built-in Wi-Fi connection. Its usage is straightforward and accessible to everyone: choose the device for which you want to create a film, click, wait a few moments, and you're done!
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The plotter for 99% invisible films

An extremely fast and efficient mobile phone film cutting machine capable of creating millimeter-perfect masks. The special material used for these films is super durable and applies easily in just a few moments, but most importantly, it features almost absolute transparency. The protective films produced with the smartphone film cutting machine do not compromise the display visibility in any way, even under backlight.

Quality smartphone film plotter: no dust on the sides!

How to present high-quality articles: The smartphone film plotter creates a protective film for any type of device in just a few moments by selecting the desired model from the database. The special material cut by the plotter adheres perfectly to the surface of every device, thanks to an especially adhesive glue. The result? These films do not trap dust on the sides, unlike lower-quality films, providing a hassle-free user experience.

Film plotter cutting machine
Film plotter cutting machine

The PRO film cutting machine, effective in fingerprint recognition

Cell phone films must protect and repair the display from scratches, but they should also be so discreet and effective that you don't even notice they are applied. A film that is too thick can compromise the entire user experience, rendering the device unusable. The film plotter creates adhesive films that are super protective yet incredibly thin: all functions that require extreme tactile sensitivity, such as fingerprint reading, remain fully operational.

Plotter for ultra-protective smartphone films

Ultra-sensitive and super-resistant: the smartphone film plotter uses a high-quality material, cutting it with precision and packaging it in just a few moments. The films produced in this way, once correctly applied and freed from the protective paper, adhere to the display without creating air bubbles or folds, providing 100% protection. These films effectively safeguard any device from impacts and scratches, without chipping or damaging in any way.Ultra sensibili e super resistenti: il plotter pellicole smartphone usa un materiale di altissima qualità, tagliandolo con precisione e confezionandolo in pochissimi istanti. Le pellicole ricavate in questo modo, una volta applicate correttamente e liberate della carta protettiva, aderiscono al display senza creare bolle d'aria o pieghe e proteggendolo al 100%. Queste pellicole infatti proteggono qualsiasi dispositivo da urti e graffi, senza scheggiarsi o danneggiarsi in alcun modo.
Film plotter cutting machine

Improve your business with the mobile phone film cutting machine!

The smartphone film plotter is a super-performing tool that cuts custom-sized films in a very short time and with extreme precision. The advantages of using a plotter like this are countless: you can package any type of film on-demand, without relying on suppliers, without waiting for delivery times, and saving on warehouse storage costs. Reduced expenses for a superior quality product delivered right to your doorstep!
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